Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall, Beer, and Bikes

Fall reminds me of why I ride. I spend the winter and spring training to constantly get faster and faster, often times forgetting what I'm doing in the first place. The training is fun and keeps me motivated through the winter months. Once fall rolls around though my legs and head need a serious break. This is where bikes and beer come in. I can't imagine trying to head out M119 doing 5x3 intervals or repeats on North Conway right now. Fun in the spring/summer, hell in the fall. Instead, I'm watching football and waiting for T-Stone to come over with a bike and 6-pack. Our ride might be 30 minutes or 90 minutes and I don't really care. Either way it will be a blast. I'll probably try to climb slowly and descend fast, eat shit, laugh, and drink an extra beer or two to wash it all down. Perfect.

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